Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Halloween Recordings Thus Far

I just thought I would do like Jason at Scar Stuff did before creating his blog. He had a webpage that showed all of the Halloween recordings that he had acquired over the decades. Well here's cover scans of all of mine. Maybe it will help you hunt some of these down for yourselves like Jason's website and blog influenced me to buy them (it's a work in progress so I'll be posting more images everyday until I have them all posted). BTW - to you money grubbing, musi sharing site haters - if it hadn't been for several Music Sharing Blogs like Jason's Scar Stuff I would have never known about 90% of these recordings that I've purchased since 1995. Have any of my purchases helped the original artists? No of course not because 90% of these recordings are only available for sale on the after market. So my buying them or sharing them out for free has nothing to do with hurting any original artist does it?