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This is a long one so I've split it up into separate files to keep the size down a little. It's still going to be almost 140 MB total. I remember the first time this was shown on TV. Baron Von Frankenstein, voiced by the legendary Boris Karloff, holds a special convention of The Worldwide Organization Of Monsters to discuss his retirement. When he announces that his successor will be his nerd nephew Felix, the world's major monsters are mortified. Now The Creature's Bride (voiced by Phyllis Diller), Count Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and more must all scramble to steal the Baron's ultimate secret during one wild party packed with cool monster music and outrageous monster madness!

Besides Phyllis Diller and Boris Karloff all the other male voices were done by Allen Swift who had been on the Howdy Doody Show, and had done many of the voices for the "Underdog" show. The only other voice heard is from Gale Garnett who does the voice of Francesca. She also sings all of the Francesca songs. Her one big hit as a singer was "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" in the 1960's. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Here's the chapter lsting from the DVD:
1. Program Start/The Secret Of Destruction

2. Main Titles

3. Felix Frankin

4. The Monster And His Mate

5. R.S.V.P.

6. S.S.Herring

7. Monsters Below deck

8. Abandon Ship

9. Lecturing The Staff

10. The Gang's All Here

11. The World's Best Chef

12. Baron Frankenstein's Discovery

13. Dance Party Of The Dead

14. Dracula And Francesca

15. Mad Monster Party

16. Restless Night

17. Welcome, Felix

18. Springing A Trap

19. Family Business

20. Stay One Step Ahead

21. Doubles-Cross

21. Hate At First Sight

23. Monster's RebelLion

24. Jungle Hunt

25. The Wrath Of Kong

26. Francesca's Suitors

27. Rescue

28. The Secret.

The Grinch has successfully displaced Ebeneezer Scrooge as the spirit of anti-Christmas for today's audience. And there are similarities. Just as Tiny Tim was a strong factor in Ebeneezer's redemption, the children are a strong factor in the Grinch's redemption.

It's a pleasure to be able to hear the great Boris Karloff narration, along with the songs, and then afterwards to again hear the songs reprised.

Of course, this is a short CD, just barely 30 minutes in length. One must realize that while the program was supposed to be a half hour long, nearly a third of the time was used for toy advertisements. The irony of it all, a beautiful story telling us that the joy of Christmas is in the spirit of Christmas, not in the getting toys is aired for the purpose of selling overpriced and non-imaginative toys.

The Tracks Are:
1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (The Story)(21:36)
2. Welcome Christmas(1:41)
3. Trim Up The Tree(2:56)
4. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch(2:56) Sung by Thurl Ravenscroft (aka Tony The Tiger)
5. Welcome Christmas (Reprise)(3:35)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Soundtrack - Boris Karloff 192kbps Zip File

I just thought I would share the link here to the web page I made for this LP rip. Here's the link:
A Spike Jones Christmas

It is actually a pretty good collection of Christmas Songs picked out by Spike's Kids. With that Spike Jones typical zanyness thrown in here and there.

Since this blog is only MOSTLY Ghostly I thought for the rest of this month of December that I'd offer some of the many Christmas themed recordings I have. This first one is a Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes OTR Show called "The Night Before Christmas".

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes OTR "Night Before Christmas"

All hail YouTube. Here's the entire cartoon of "Charlie Brown Christmas" on YouTube:

And just for the fun of it here's the YouTube entries of "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving".

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Doggie Daddy uses the story of Pinocchio to teach Augie Doggie not to lie:
Augie Doggie Song
Doggie Daddy Song
Pinocchio Part 1
Fibber Fox Song
Pinocchio Part 2
Pinocchio Part 3
Drip The Dropout Song
Pinocchio Part 4
The Pinocchio Song

Fred And Barney want to go bowling. Wilma tells Fred however he can't go until Pebbles has gone to sleep. So Fred tries telling her the story of Goldi Rocks & Three Bearosauruses. That doesn't work so Barney tries telling her the story of The Three Little Pigs and Beowolf The Big Bad Wolf:
Flintstones Song
Goldi Rocks & The Three Bearosauruses
Three Little Pigs Part 1
Three Little Pigs Song
Three Little Pigs Part 2
Beowolf The Big Bad Wolf
Three Little Pigs Part 3
Three Little Pigs Song
Three Little Pigs Part 4
Flintstones Song

Granny Sweet has to come up with $1,000.00 back taxes - so she enters the local drag race and wins. Some crooks hear about her good fortune on the radio though, and come to her house and rob her. Precious Pupp comes to the rescue though:
Song - Granny Sweet
Story - Hot Rod Granny Part 1
Song - Queen Of The Drags
Story - Police Bulletin
Song Hot Rod Granny
Story - Hot Rod Granny Part 2
Song - Precious Pupp

Several great stories here from Huckleberry Hound, Pixie & Dixie with Jinks and Yogi Bear and Boo Boo:
The Missing Eleyphint Part 1
The Missing Eleyphint Part 2
It Aint So Easy To Catch A Meecy Part 1
It Aint So Easy To Catch A Meecy Part 2
Dinky Dalton And The Showdown At Hoedown Corral

Ogee brings Magilla Gorilla home from the Pet Shop. To earn the right to stay though Magilla has to be able to babysit Ogee, and have her asleep by the time her parents get home from a show:
Alice In Wonderland Part 1A
Alice In Wonderland Part 1B
Alice In Wonderland Part 1C
Alice In Wonderland Part 1D
Alice In Wonderland Part 2A
Alice In Wonderland Part 2B
Alice In Wonderland Part 2C

Song - Top Cat
Story - Robin Hood Part I
Song - M-O-N-E-Y
Story - Robin Hood Part II
Song - Robin Hood
Story - Robin Hood Part III
Song - Dibble
Story - Robin Hood Part IV
Story - Robin Hood Part V
Song - Buddies

Yogi Bear Song
Jack And The Beanstalk
Jack And The Beanstalk Song
Yogi Bear Song
Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood Song

Fred's Buffalo Lodge is looking for a barbershop quartet from thei lodge to go to a national contest in Hollywood. The only trouble is their Bass singer is sick. Can Fred save the day?
Side #1
Side #2

This is way off track of my last few posts, but when I heard this was on YouTube I had to share it. I saw this on SNL, and I thought it was hilarious. Here's the Uncut version of "Di*k In A Box":

This LP comes from the feature length Hanna barbera movie of the same name. It is basically nothing but the songs sung during the movie:
Man Called Flintstone
Spy Chief
Spy Type Guy
Bobo And Ali
Team Mates
Paris Bound
Someday When I Grow Up
The Happy Sounds Of Paree
Pensate Amore Think Love
Scooter Scootin'
Tickle Toddle
The Man Called Flintstone

Jonny Quest 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

"Check The Cool Wax" saved me the time of posting this one. You can find it on Brainwerk's blog by clicking on the link below the cover photo. Thanks Brainwerk!!

Rock Slagg gets beat up by two thugs from SMIRK named Bobo And Ali. Fred just happens to look just like him, so he's talked into taking Rock's place in Europestone to try and find the Green Goose before he can take over the world. These two sound files contain the total uncut soundtrack from the DVD:
The Man Called Flintstone DVD Soundtrack Part 1
The Man Called Flintstone DVD Soundtrack Part 2

This was requested over at Scar Stuff so I thought I'd share it here since Jason is down for a while:
The Headless Horseman
The Ghost Ship
The Tell-Tale Heart
The Railroad Signal
The Hitchhiker
Visit To Transylvania
The Bloody Tower
The Haunted Gold Mine
The Specter
The Miser's Gold
Please send me a comment if there are any dead links.

Here's another LP I have that Jason also had shared at Scar Stuff:
All About The Monster
The Mummy
The Bride Of Frankenstein
The Son Of Frankenstein
The Wolf Man
The House Of Frankenstein
The Finale

Here's another request for a download from Scar Stuff
Anne Boleyn
The Phantom Stagecoach
Skin And Bones
The Unquiet Grave
Finnegan's Wake
Sweet William's Ghost
The Flying Dutchman
The Suffolk Miracle
Miss Bailey's Ghost
The Reaper's Ghost
The Lady Gay
Lost Jimmie Whelan

This is the LP that inspired the name of this blog. Jason shared it on his blog Scar Stuff, but I thought I would share it here for you also.
Mostly Ghostly Zip File

Yet another Scar Stuff share.
Famous Monsters Speak Zip Folder.

Spike Jones in Stereo (also known as Spike Jones in Hi-Fi and A Spooktacular in Screaming Sound) (1959) is a horror-comedy album by musical-satirist Spike Jones. Unlike his previous recordings, which make fun of genres such as Christmas and classical music, Spike Jones in Stereo sends-up everything from horror movies to the hit T.V show This is Your Life, which Jones pokes fun at in the track "This is Your Death".
Making a notable guest appearance on the album is Paul Frees, who plays the voice of Dracula, Professor Lud Wig Van Drake and one of the heads on the two headed monster. Other recognisable voices such as Loulie Jean Norman (as Vampira), Thurl Ravenscroft, and George Rock (the voice on Jones's only number one hit "All I Want for Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)") also give stand out performances, bringing to life Jones’s already spooktacular music.
Most of the tracks on Spike Jones in Stereo do not appear on his many compilation albums ("I Only Have Eyes For You" and "My Old Flame" being the only two), but it’s still considered among his finest post City-Slickers efforts.
Spike Jones Spooktacular in Hi-Fi.

Hete's a specific request from a Scar stuff reader. So far all I have is the "Nightmare" LP available. I'll have the other 2 soon if I can find them in my files.
Creed Taylor/Kenyon Hopkins "Shock" Zip File
Creed Taylor/Kenyon Hopkins "Panic - Son Of Shock" Zip File
Creed Taylor/Kenyon Hopkins "Nightmare" Zip File

Here's one of the first recordings I ever offered on my website HERE.

This was an LP of parody songs done by Gene Moss who was a comic/character actor, mimic, scriptwriter and puppeteer who hosted one of Los Angeles' most popular kids TV comedy shows.
Mr. Moss hosted "Shrimpenstein" weekday evenings on KJH (now KCAL) Ch. 9 during the late 1960's. Co-starring in the series was comedy scribe Jim Thurman (who would go on to greater fame as one of the writers on "Mash").
Mr. Moss' Dr. Von Schtick was pelted with cream pies, dealt with smart-alecky monster puppets and made references to the Marvel Superheroes cartoons that he screened on his show as "another Marvel mediocrity" or "one of those TV cartoons that doesn't move. The LP came with 15 Monster Cards done by the great artist Jack Davis.
Dracula's Greatest Hits Zip File

Here's another LP I've already made into a webpage HERE.

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